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Walker’s American Martial Arts is on a mission to help kids learn self confidence and conflict resolution without resorting to violence. Children today need a safe outlet for their energy, where the coaches and instructors are worried about more than winning the next game. Where they are taught respect for their elders, their peers, and most importantly, true respect for themselves. All of this in an environment that fosters their individuality and creativity, while helping them to understand and respect the traditions of the past. And most of all, it’s really fun!!!

Adults have a different focus. Adults today need a place to blow off the steam of the day from school, work, or just life. They want to get in a good workout to help them get in better shape. All that along with learning some practical, effective self-defense. Fitness today is more than just diet and exercise. People have stress related issues. The confidence, self-esteem, and yes, the physical boost that martial arts gives them is just the thing to help blast that stress and live a more peaceful and centered life.

WAMA started in a tiny Dojo in Bartonville Illinois August 2012, lead by Sensei Joseph W. Walker II, a martial artist with 4 decades of experience. WAMA has never deviated from its  mission of bringing the best martial arts experience to every member, no matter what they are looking for. Our instructors have over 50 years of combined training in the martial arts! Not only are they knowledgeable in their system, they are passionate about the growth of every student and committed to a life long martial arts education. It is evident to our students and their families that our instructors love what they do and do what they love! And our commitment to excellence means that each student, regardless of ability, will receive the best instruction in Central Illinois!


Joseph W Walker II

Sensei Joseph W Walker II (Just Sensei to the students here) began his training with his father, very early in life. His FORMAL training started at age 5 at his father’s dojo in Peoria, Illinois. Sensei Walker trained at the family dojo throughout his youth and into adulthood. Later he began training in various other academies and with other instructors.  He has attended, and instructed at, seminars nationally, as well as competed in international tournaments.

In 2010, Sensei started training with Trent “Kuma” Warner. At the age of 39 he was preparing for his first bout in the MMA cage. He fought a total of 4 fights in the cage, and has not (at the age of 45) ruled out another. He says that the MMA fighting greatly expanded his understanding of the martial arts. He tells his students “Karate should be useful in the real world, not just on the mat.”  His experiences have changed the way he instructs accordingly.

In 2012 Sensei Walker was promoted to Yondan (or 4th degree black belt) by Hanshi Michael Ceballos, as well as a team of other black belts, including Kuma Warner. When asked about his next promotion, Sensei Walker simply said “All that is important to me is what did I know 6 months ago, and what do I know now. The rank is nice, but the knowledge is what is important.”  And Sensei never stops his pursuit of furthering his karate knowledge.

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